Participants will spend 10 weeks with UConn faculty and graduate students, participating in graduate level research projects on project related to water, power, or transportation infrastructure. REU students will be part of a campus multidisciplinary REU community consisting of several programs in science and engineering as well as physiology and neurobiology. The research program will be accompanied by seminars and a social program. Each student prepares a scientific poster of their research for presentation at an on campus REU symposium. The program lasts for 10 weeks, from the end of May through early August. Students must be available for the entire 10-week period. Some of the anticipated events provided to students during the REU Program include:


  1. How AI and Machine Learning are Revolutionizing Engineering
  2. Engineering and VR: Sharing your Story your Way
  3. ADHD to GRFP: How I harnessed my strengths to succeed
  4. Technical Writing
  5. Ensuring Success – Workplan Review for Paper Submission

Roundtable Discussions

  1. Then and Now: Thoughts from Former REU Participants
  2. Student Stories and Experiences in Engineering Programs
  3. Neurodiversity in Higher Education and Professional Life
  4. Program Reflections: Your Experiences in the Program, Suggestions, and Sustained Mentorship


  1. Creativity and Twice Exceptionality
  2. Neurodiversity: State –of-the-Art in Higher Education


  • Lab tours
  • Brainstorming Meetings
  • End of program symposium
    and many fun social events!